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Plumbing Services You Can Depend On

residential and commercial plumbing services

emergency plumber

emergency plumber

emergency plumber near me

Hiring an experienced plumber will make the process stress free and will ensure that you don't require more work or repairs in the future.  Our licensed plumbing professionals have over a decade of experience in diagnosing and servicing plumbing issues.  Let Mitch Lattimer Plumbing show you why all of our customers love our plumbing service.  Have a plumbing emergency?  Reach out to us at 519-421-6032


plumber near me

our plumbing services

Plumbing Repairs

Sump pump repair, leaky faucets, toilet repair, drain clogs, leaky drains, sewer backup, we've got you covered.

New Installs

We offer a wide variety of plumbing installs from simple to complex.  Reach out to us to inquire about a new install.

Water Condition Equipment

Prevent a buildup of limescale and further issues in your water system by adding water conditioning equipment.

Emergency Plumbing

Plumbing emergencies happen and we’re here to help with any problems that come up from clogged drains, leaks, sump pumps and sewage system backups.

Bathroom Renovations

We make bathroom renovations easy by taking care of all the plumbing details from vanities to toilets and showers.  When we leave, you will have a clean space and plumbing you can count on.

Kitchen Renovations

Avoid plumbing issues by hiring our professionals to do your kitchen plumbing.  We take care of plumbing demo and install for faucets, dishwasher and fridge connections.

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